Features Let have a look on what square engine plus can offer to you.


An union of classes good in performances that will help you in the simplified management of the graphics.


Excellent tweener for the animation of the object on screen and to simplify the Juggler’s aid.


Fast. with excellent performances and easy to use particle system


Choose the best solution for your game: to use an independent or fixed

Input & Multitouch

Simplified management of interaction and input events, even the multitouch ones.


Hitbox, Pixelmask and Grid Collision easy to manage


To improve the performances of your games

Resolution System

Stop with the resolution problems, now you just need a graphic set and the Square Engine Plus will automatically manage and adapt it at the device resolution.

Tool gratuiti per lo sviluppo

Free tools for the development

Square Engine Plus is useful for the ones who has got economical problems or just wants to start from scratch. We also use and invite you to do the same with the best free tools on the market.

  • 1


    Plan your idea

  • 2


    Develop it in an easily and fast way.

  • 3


    Test it on your devices or computers.

  • 4


    Publish it on markets.