Square Engine Plus is a commercial ActionScript 3 library designed for the development of 2D Multi-platform Games and Apps. It provides you a fast and clean framework to use for an easily development of your games (that can be easily tested on your platforms).

Powered by Starling Framework

Powered by Starling Framework

Thanks to the Starling Framework, that enables us to review the Stage3D on the same level of Flash native Stage, it was possible developing the logic and the models for a correct videoplay development based on World-Entity model, to facilitate developers’ work during the development process and make it more evident.

Gratuito per studenti e docenti

Free for students and teachers

Square Engine Plus is available even free for all the students or teachers who want to take videoplay development courses or learn the bases or just proove it, develop their product and then choose to continue to use the free version or not.

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Supportato ed utilizzato da Blackberry

Supported and used by Blackberry Devs.

Square Engine Plus is fully supported by the BlackBerry 10 platform and by its developer community, and thanks to this with Square Engine Plus you can easily obtain the “Built for BlackBerry” certification.